The Song Is In The Drum

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The Song Is In the Drum (2013)

You Say I'm Crazy (feat. Alice Carreri) 4:13 Buy
Sign Me Out (feat. Fanney Osk) 4:38 Buy
Bodycodes (feat. Asbjørn) 4:14 Buy
The Song Is In the Drum 5:38 Buy
Romano Song (feat. Annisette Koppel) 6:29 Buy
Welcome To My Dream (feat. Tuco) 4:17 Buy
Smoke Through Fire (feat. Asbjørn) 3:34 Buy
Grey Heron Man 5:54 Buy
Landscape of Love (feat. Fanney Osk) 4:21 Buy
Ghost Mosquitoes 6:05 Buy
Crazy Epilogue (feat. Alice Carreri) 2:58 Buy

Bless You (2008)

Melankoli (feat. Alice Carreri) 4:49 Buy
Lulu's Theme (feat. Trentemøller) 7:33 Buy
Bless You (feat. Mikael Simpson) 5:12 Buy
Ninna Nanna (feat. Trentemøller & Alice Carreri) 5:51 Buy
Thinking of You (feat. Tuco) 5:26 Buy
Runaway Boy 5:03 Buy
Sweeter Than Sweet (feat. Alice Carreri) 4:30 Buy
Pitch Black 4:33 Buy
End of the Century (feat. MC Jabber) 3:57 Buy
Slow Pigeon 5:21 Buy

Selected Remixes

Lulu Rouge

Sign Me Out (Remixes) [feat. Fanney Osk] 57:24 Buy


Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! (Lulu Rouge feat. Abdullah S Remix) 4:50 Buy


Natural Blues (Lulu Rouge vs. Stella Polaris Remix) 5:23 Buy


Gógó (Lulu Rouge Remix) 5:39 Buy

Bomb The Bass

Black River (Lulu Rouge Stella Polaris Remix) 4:18 Buy


Miss You (Lulu Rouge feat. Asger Baden Remix) 6:47 Buy

Agnes Obel

Riverside (Lulu Rouge remix) 5:14 Buy


Looking for Love (Lulu Rouge Remix) 5:07 Buy

Choir of Young Believers

Hollow Talk (Lulu Rouge's Stella Polaris Remix) 6:47 Buy

Lulu Rouge are back with their 2nd album. This time they take that deep melancholic sound they have become known for, and progress it to the next breathtaking level. This means more intense vocal tracks next to their trademark powerful instrumentals. New and unique talents such as rising Danish indie star Asbjørn and mega cool Icelandic born Fanney Osk have been working closely with Lulu Rouge, uniting their edgy and mindful lyrics with equally intense soundscapes - a marriage made in electronica heaven.

The singers from the first Lulu Rouge album, Alice Carreri and Tuco have also crafted super strong songs for the album, and when the Danish music legend Annisette Koppel said yes to work on a song for this album, the Lulu's had everything they needed to shape the this deeply intensifying new album.

"THE SONG IS IN THE DRUM" are 11 tracks all dreamed, shaped and produced by two of Denmarks most skilled and respected producers, Torsten "Buda" Jacobsen and Thomas "T.O.M" Bertelsen. They have created an album which will grab you by the heart and keep you prisoner for 53 minutes straight. Welcome to the brightest dark place you've ever been.

Lulu Rouge - Landscape of Love
Lulu Rouge - Bless You
Lulu Rouge - Sign me out

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